MetaWool™ is a unique medium used to recover silver from silver bearing solutions. Its variable flow rate capability makes it ideal for all photoprocessing applications, from minilabs to large photofinishers.

MetaWool is a non-toxic mixture of iron and natural fibre. These components are blended together to form a porous yet resistant surface for the silver to adhere to. The iron and the fibre work together in a kind of “buddy system”, the particles of iron are backed up by companion fibre particles. This allows the effluent to flow randomly through the eXchanger, virtually eliminating channeling and allowing for higher flow rates than standard MRC’s.

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MetaWool outperforms electrolytic bleach-fix technology.

MetaWool eXchangers used by large photofinishers have a flow rate of up to 220 gallons per hour. They recover at a rate of 108 troy ounces per hour at 4 g of silver per litre. This is equivalent to a 1,665 amp. electrolytic system recovering silver at 2 g/amp./hr.

In a recent installation, one MetaWool eXchanger processed 1400 gallons of bleach-fix in under 6.5 hours. The silver concentration was reduced from 4000 ppm to below 5 ppm. Previously, an equivalent batch took over 24 hours to process electrolytically (450 amps) and secondary treatment was required to reduce the silver to below 400 ppm.

Features & Benefits

  • Acts as primary and secondary recovery system
  • Reduces silver to below 5 ppm — no secondary system required
  • Processes up to 220 gallons of bleach-fix per hour
  • Recovers up to 108 troy ounces of silver per hour
  • Up to 1,665 amp. electrolytic equivalent (at 2 g/amp./hr.)
  • No electricity required
  • No moving parts — eliminates high maintenance costs
  • No hazardous chemical additives required to adjust pH
  • No sulfite spiking
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Makes an excellent emergency back-up system