Turning data we measure in information you need.


Information development is the core of MetaTrax. Metafix designed and developed MetaTrax, a proprietary Environmental Management System, to take the data that our equipment in the field collects and turn it into highly useful, actionable information. Our customers have unparalleled flexibility in determining what data they want reported, when and how often the reports are generated and ultimately what the reports look like. Coming soon, our customers will have access to their MetaTrax data via a secure Metafix intranet site.



In today’s competitive business landscape companies are constantly searching for more and better sources of data to improve their operations, reduce their expenses, or increase their sales. Data is at the heart of most every process improvement program. Data without context can be overwhelming and prove useless. However, when data is put in relevant context, information is born. And information is the key to any process improvement.


We hold 7 U.S. and Canadian patents for our different silver recovery technologies including: Enviro-Jet and MetaWool.

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